Massachusetts Handgun Ban - 940 CMR 16

Attorney General Reilly has resurrected this legislation that was originally written into law by Harshbarger in late 1997.  That's right - written into law!  This regulation did not go through the House or the Senate.  So, this is the work of two people (Harshbarger and Reilly) who believe that it is in the best interests to be law for all Massachusetts citizens. Regardless of it's contents, most of it will not make the Commonwealth any safer nor will it deter crime.  IT IS A HANDGUN BAN - PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  This regulation also conflicts with Chapter 180; the "1998 Massachusetts Gun Ban".

Serial Number Requirement, 10lb Trigger Pull,  and Magazine Disconnect or Load Indicator are the Primary Problems
It is believed that the hidden serial number requirement has been rescinded.

Will the installation of an internal serial number or an external serial number that can be viewed only using make the gun any safer or deter crime?  We don't think criminals care where the serial number is.

Will a load indicator or magazine disconnect make the gun any safer or deter crime?  A load indicator is never used by a law abiding firearms owner to determine whether or not the gun is loaded.  The only correct way to ensure if the gun is loaded is to check the chamber using the method described by the NRA.  The only objective of a magazine disconnect is to deter law enforcement personnel from purchasing the handgun.  A handgun that falls into the wrong hands will not be any safer if it contains either or both of these two features.  

As a Massachusetts law abiding citizen, call the Attorney General at 617-727-2200.  Ask them why Glocks, Ruger pistols, Kimbers, Kahrs, Heckler & Kochs, etc. are no longer safe handguns (since they cannot be sold in MA)  Ask them to explain the regulation to you.  DO NOT allow them to tell you to contact your dealer.  YOUR DEALER DID NOT WRITE THE REGULATION - THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE DID.

At this point in time, we are only able to sell most Smith & Wessons, most Berettas, most Sturm Ruger revolvers, most Sigarms, and a couple of Walthers.  Pre 21 October 98 handguns are not affected by 940 CMR 16. We sell according to Federal and State regulations to law abiding citizens who possess the MA License To Carry Firearms or Firearms Identification Card.